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Current  (Winter 2018)

Class title Start & end date Location Instructor
Birds of the Bay Area Jan 22 - Nov 11,   TUESDAY Ed Roberts Campus, Adeline St, Berkeley.  Registration at GGAS Scalf & Lewis
A Deep Dive into Diving Birds Jan 8 - 26 California Academy of Science. Registration at GGAS Prelinger
MASTERBIRDING Feb 13, 2019 thru December 2019 California Academy of Science. Registration open at California Academy of Science website. Dumbacher, Bartley, Lewis

Upcoming (Summer 2019) - Registration not open yet

Class title Start & end date Location Instructor
Birds of the Sierra I June 6-9, 2019 Yuba Pass and environs Scalf, Lewis
Birds of the Sierra II June 13-16, 2019 Yuba Pass and environs Bartley, Lewis
Avian Evolution August CAS - to be confirmed Mast, Lewis


Class title Interesting Sightings Details Quarter1
Romance is in the Air Black Skimmers, Red-necked Phalaropes Bird List Spring 12
Birds of the Sierra I and II Breeding shorebirds, lots of water in the valley, Short-eared Owls, Swainson's Hawks... list (1) list (2) and story Summer 11
Bay Area Birds Roadrunner, both eagles, Lawrence's Goldfinch, Mountain Bluebird list Winter 10
Birds of the Sierra 1 Swainson's Hawk nest, 7 warblers, Red Crossbills list Summer 09
Birds of the Sierra 2 Wonderful Calliope Hummingbird, Williamson's SS and Dusky FC nests list Summer 09
Shorebird Migration 16 species of shorebirds including Wandering Tattler and Surfbird list Spring 09
Shorebird Migration Surfbirds, Wandering Tattler, Snowy Plover, Ruddy Turnstone, Black Oystercatchers list Fall 2008
Bay Area Birds Yellow Rail!! Eagles, Cassin's Kingbird, Ferruginous Hawk, Geese, Cranes, Ibis list story Winter 2008 AAS
Cranes & Geese & Stuff 2 Thousands of geese, cranes, swans list story Fall 2007 AAS


1 GGAS is Golden Gate Audubon Society; LWV is League of Women Voters across from GGAS office