Here are a number of forthcoming talks by Bob, days to mark on your calendar, local or not-so-local birding events, etc. 

Jan 14, 2019

12:30 PM

Shorebirds - Albany Library
Mar 21, 2019

6:00 PM

Shorebird Migration - Walnut Creek Library
April 9, 2019

7:00 AM

Birdathon Trip - Elkhorn Slough Photo Tour
April 27, 2019


Delphinus Napa River Cruise - Bob is "Bird Guy"
May 4, 2019

7:00 AM

Birdathon Trip - Behind the Gates at Hayward Shoreline
June 1, 2019

7:00 AM

Birdathon Trip - Clear Lake Grebes
July 18, 2019


Papua New Guinea - GGAS



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2012 Alameda County Sightings List

Bird Talks by Bob

Bob Lewis is a well-known speaker on a variety of bird subjects.  He has frequently spoken at Audubon Societies, Benevolent Societies, Conservation groups, etc. and has taught bird-related classes for 20 years at Adult schools, museums and Audubon Societies.  Here is a listing of currently available presentations, all richly illustrated by Bob's photographs.