Cape Batis

A Fascination for Birds

An introduction to birding, why it is so fascinating to so many, how to learn more about it.

Birds of the Bay Trail

A walk down parts of the Bay Trail, focusing on birds that one would see in the Berkeley / Albany / Richmond or Hayward Shoreline area.  Can be adjusted for other parts of the trail, with lead time.

Birds of the Bay

The importance of SF Bay to both Shorebirds, Waterfowl and a variety of other avian species.

Changing Seasons

Resident and migrant birds in the East Bay hills across the seasons, with a bit of behavior and plea for native plants.

Shorebird Migration

The amazing phenomenon of shorebird migration, how and why it happens, with emphasis on the special importance of the Bay for migrating shorebirds

Shorebird Feeding Behavior

Different bills, different appetites lead to varying feeding behaviors.  Shorebirds have evolved over eons to maximize their calories - feeding on everything from clams and snails to biofilm. 

A Bird's Rainbow

Why are birds often brightly colored?  Where does the color come from?  What makes hummingbirds so special?  These questions are answered, as we discuss feather structure, molt and bird behavior related to color.

Travel-focused talks

These presentations focus on the birds of the areas listed below, and are a great introduction if you are planning a tour, or are just fascinated with the birds of far-away places.

  • Birds of the Sierra - Sierra Valley, Yuba Pass and environs - one of the most beautiful places on earth!
  • Central America - from Belize to Panama, includes a discussion of the
    origin of oscine and sub-oscine songbirds in the area.
  • Ecuador - Up and Down the Mountain - the differing ecological zones of the country and the birds that live there.
  • Magical Madagascar - Birds, Lemurs and the concepts of adaptive
    radiation and endemism.
  • South Georgia & The Falklands - Birds of the Southern Ocean, colonial nesting, rodent impact and removal
  • Colombia - the lowdown on getting high - birds and a sip of coffee
  • Sunda - Land of Birds, Beasts and Dragons - Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia, with a bit on islands, Wallace and Palm Oil.
  • Peruvian Peregrinations - Birds from two trips to Peru, with an emphasis on Hummingbirds and Ovenbirds
  • Islands in the Sun - Endemic families and species in the Caribbean, concept of Vicariance and Dispersal in the Caribbean, a bit on hurricanes.


Talks by Bob

Who is Bob?

Bob Lewis was trained as a chemist, and worked for Chevron in Richmond and Europe for 33 years.  He has taught birding classes for 23 years, and has been an addicted birder, photographer and traveler for almost ever.  He has seen  4600 of the world's 10,000 bird species, and hopes to see many more!  Bob won ABA's Chandler Robbins Award for Education and Conservation in 2016.

Bob enjoys presenting bird-related subjects to groups.  To schedule a presentation, contact Bob.

With sufficient lead time, a talk can be prepared specifically for you, on subjects related to near-by habitats, bird taxonomy,  behavior, physiology, etc. -- just ask!