American Avocets

Breeding Strategies and Taxonomy

Ornithology, Frank B. Gill, 1995; WH Freeman & Company, NY. pp. 410-424. A summary of different shorebird breeding strategies.

Sexual conflict, ecology, and breeding systems in shorebirds: phylogenetic analyses. Gavin H. Thomas. Download pdf.

A supertree approach to shorebird phylogeny; Thomas, Willis, Székely; 2004. Abstract, link to full article. A discussion of taxonomy, basis for the evolution tree presented in my shorebird class.

An updated Taxonomy; J Boyd. A readable discussion of the impact of DNA studies on our perception of bird taxonomy.  Link 



Flyby hootings

A dedicated group of birders are working the night shift in their efforts to preserve Barn Owls in Berkeley.

California birds in decline

An analysis by the National Audubon Society reveals that environmental threats are taking a toll on some of California's most beloved birds, including the Pintail (96% decline since 1967) and the Loggerhead Shrike (76%).