Contra Costa County 2008 Big Year

Blue-winged Teal

Denise Wight watched the goings on in Alameda County, and decided that she would do a big year in her home county of Contra Costa.  And she's off to a raging start, too, although she claims she misses all the rarities.  Anyone willing to help build the CCO list?

The Results

There were 268 species seen in the county during the year.  Best bird was the Dusky Warbler found by Emilie Strauss near the Richmond Costco on October 9.  The bird was only there a day, and only a few of the 7 competitors in the county got to see it, but the winner, Denise, was one of them.  Denise found 247 birds, and this turns out to be the highest documented Big Year count for Contra Costa County!  Congratulations Denise!

Coming in second was two-county birder Bob Dunn, with 232 species.  The list of participants and the final results is here.  It was a great year.




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