Alameda County 2008 Big Year

Blue-winged Teal

Bob Power threw down the gauntlet.  How many birds can you see in 2008 in Alameda County?  A few intrepid birders kicked around the dirt, and then picked it up - the gauntlet, that is.  And so the Alameda County 2008 Big Year was born.  Bob was off and running, with a bunch of unusual birds - Northern Waterthrush, Virginia Rail, Ferruginous Hawk, Palm Warbler.  Will anyone be able to catch him?

The Results

There were 295 different species seen in the county during the year. Best bird was Yellow Rail, found at Arrowhead Marsh in March by John Dunec and Bob Power.  Thirteen different county birders played the game through the year, and results are shown here.  The big winner was Bob Dunn, who did both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and found 267 species in Alameda.  This is the record for Alameda County for a Big Year.  Congratulations, Bob! 

Coming in a close second was Kathy Robertson, with 264 species, followed by Bob Power, gauntlet thrower, with 260.   At the final celebration party, all agreed it was a spectacular year, and all agreed they were glad it was over!




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